Danger of automatic car wash

Automatic car wash is popular because it is hassle-free and saves time. But despite their convenience, automatic car washing is more harmful than good to your car. Boost mobile detailing always prefer over hand car wash.

The water used is recycled

Automatic car wash is the most environmentally friendly and water efficient way to clean your car because it is built to recycle water. Even if a cleaning system is install to remove contaminants, it is not 100% efficient. This causes sand and dirt to scratch the surface of the car as you wash it.

Severe detergent

Every business has the goal of  minimizing operational costs and maximizing profits. The use of cheap cleaners, the main component of which is acid, is not entirely known, especially in non-contact car washes. The result is a shimmering clean car, but the acid will gradually erode your car’s paint and  protective wax.


automatic car wash uses a rotating brush to rub  the car and remove dirt. Contact may not be aggressive, but a closer look at your car will eventually reveal scratches and swirls that will dull your car.

Not all stains are removed

Especially with automatic touchless car washes, the lack of contact impedes the ability to completely wash the vehicle. The location of the problem has not been identified and care must be taken when cleaning the car using an automatic system. Dirt only means that your car will look gloomy over the years.

09 March 2022, 06:30 PM | Boost Mobile Detailing

Drying technology

In most cases, heated air to dry the water is  not enough. If you start with a car that is not completely dry, dirt and permanent streaks will appear. If these are not removed immediately. What to look  for in the hand drying option with a spray cleaner, they will need to be thoroughly polish over a long period of time.

What to look  for in the hand drying option

Most automatic car washes use heated air to dry excess water, but some car washes have a clerk who wipes the car by hand after cleaning. This is fine as long as soft and clean towels are used, but this is not the case for most car washes. Worn and dirty towels as a result of drying multiple vehicles can scratch or damage the paint on the car. A well-kept car with a nice appearance has a greater resale value. In the short term, an automatic car wash will keep your car looking good.