Pet Hair Removal

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Pet Hair Removal

Fur-Free Bliss: Boost Mobile Detailing’s Expert Pet Hair Removal

At Boost Mobile Detailing, we understand the joys of having furry friends as travel companions. Our Pet Hair Removal service is tailored to ensure your vehicle remains a clean and comfortable space for both you and your pets. Pet hair can quickly accumulate, causing inconvenience and impacting the overall cleanliness of your car.

Our skilled team employs specialized techniques to meticulously remove pet hair from every surface, leaving your vehicle spotless and hair-free. We go beyond a simple clean, addressing even the most stubborn pet hair to restore the pristine condition of your car’s interior. Choose Boost Mobile Detailing for a pet-friendly solution that ensures your travels are comfortable and your car remains a welcoming space for both you and your furry companions. Enjoy fur-free bliss with our Pet Hair Removal service – because your vehicle deserves to be as inviting as your home.


Full Interior detailing
Special brushes designed for pet hair removal
Use the pet hair removal stone
Mechanical decontamination
Ozone treatment

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