Features of Boost Mobile Detailing

05 March 2022, 08:00 AM | Boost Mobile detailing

While there are many good reasons to own a car detailed, Auto detailing Vancouver will provide the most valuable ones based on our experience with many owners and their vehicles.


  • The elements of UV rays, bad weather, and pollution (natural and man-made) can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s surface. Keeping a protective layer (wax, sealant or nano-ceramic coating) on ​​top of the clear coat will prevent the paint from becoming damaged and possibly damaging the paint. Depending on where you live, the elements and surrounding terrain can pose a variety of potential hazards to the vehicle’s finish. Here in Los Angeles we are relatively close to the ocean (compared to most of the country) so the salinity in the air is high along with a large amount of pollution, a large amount of motorists and a LOT of intense UV days. high. Exposure can cause the clear coating on modern vehicles to quickly deteriorate if inadvertent.so, Auto detailing Vancouver can protect your vehicle’s life.
  • Vehicles are one of the most intimate assets people interact with Boost mobile detailing Similar to getting dressed from the dry cleaners after a shower, stepping into a clean car makes You feel better and happier. Life is too short not to enjoy the simple pleasures in life – especially the everyday pleasures. Starting your day off with even the smallest joys can really create a domino effect on interactions and events for the rest of the day.
  • A regularly serviced vehicle is easier and quicker to maintain Like a laundry room or kitchen counter, it is easier and quicker to clean surfaces free of accumulated contamination. Tomato sauce spilled on a child’s shirt is easy to clean. However, if the child then goes out and places the grass stains and then dirt on top of the ketchup, it will be much harder to remove the original ketchup that is now buried. under two more layers. The same goes for details on cars. If the vehicle is maintained by Boost mobile detailing, contamination cannot accumulate and damage the surface. In addition, everything on the vehicle is quickly and easily disassembled. By keeping a wax, or even better, nano ceramic coating on the surface, it is MUCH more difficult for contamination to adhere to and damage the vehicle’s surface.
  • Adding pride AND equity to one’s second largest investment After a house, vehicles are often people’s biggest purchases. So, owning a car in good working condition and aesthetic will add pride to one’s long-term buying decision. Plus, by regularly maintaining with Auto detailing Vancouver the vehicle’s mechanics and surface condition, the investment can last longer. Making the car worth it for as long as possible.