Interior & Exterior Wash

01 March 2022 08:00 AM | Boost Mobile Detailing

With the holidays just around the corner, your daily schedule is likely a mile long! Because you rely on your automobile for so many things, it’s critical to make sure it’s prepared and ready to go before setting off on holiday travel plans. There are just a few ways to prepare your automobile for holiday travel when prepping for the holidays.

Shine Up With An Interior And Exterior Wash

85% of people neglect their vehicles in the winters. Especially just before the holidays, because they’re too busy in their daily routine or feel like they can’t work anything extra into their holiday budget. When it comes to preparing your car for summer driving, Boost Mobile Detailing offers affordable hand car wash services year-round. And just before the upcoming summer holidays is the best time to visit us for a full interior and exterior detailing. While we doing interior detailing, we hand wipe your console and dash, as well as vacuum and clean your windows until they’re streak free.

The evaluation is an odor-free interior that you’ll enjoy taking your family shopping in. We don’t skip anything untouched on the outside. We wash and hand dry your vehicle, and leave your tires and wheels looking elegant. Not only should you visit us before you make holiday travel plans, don’t forget to stick a Boost Mobile Detailing gift card. Book Appointment Today for Interior & Exterior Wash

Don’t Grind Your Gears As You Travel

Making sure your automobiles’ fluids are properly filled is critical for holiday travel. One example is your transmission. When driving in hilly terrain, your vehicle’s transmission is working at maximum capacity. Our skilled technicians will inspect your vehicle’s transmission and, if necessary, replace any low fluids. A transmission flush will ensure that your vehicle’s transmission fluid is clean, protecting the internal components of your transmission, whether automatic or manual.

To meet your demands, Boost Mobile Detailing offers a variety of car cleaning services and engine maintenance packages. To relieve one more source of stress this holiday season, call us or go to to schedule an appointment.