When is the Right time and season for vehicle detailing? 

13 March 2022, 11:00 PM | Boost Mobile Detailing

There are many questions about auto detailing. And one of the most common questions many drivers ask many times is, “When is the Right time for vehicle detailing?

Well, it’s a good idea to have your car serviced at least  every four months on a regular basis. There are many reasons for that. First, the most  commonly used wax has a typical lifespan of 34 months, and when the wax runs out, the outer elements destroy the color. Second, pollen, insects and other pollutants can adhere to the surface  of  the car at any time of the year and cause damage. Also, for drivers who desire automatic car washing, the exterior paint may be damaged. Brushes and cloths used to wash cars can lead to small scratches, also known as paint swirls. However, due to  financial constraints, financial reasons, seasonal harshness, and the ideality of the auto-detailing process, it is always advisable to carry out comprehensive detailing during the fall and summer seasons. 


It is the busiest season for most people. For the driver, that means going on vacation, playing sports, and touring a lot. The summer season isn’t attractive to cars, as the interior of the car has to contain weird items such as food, coffee stains, and other stains, which makes up a significant part of the cheerfulness. On the other hand, the outside is an unwilling recipient of pollutants such as bird droppings,  sap, insect repellent, and acid rain. Strong UV rays in the summer also impair the quality of car paint. The light rays make the color lighter. So summer is right time for vehicle detailing depends on situation you are in.

The summer ideal comes from the fact that it provides more sunlight. Unless you use a high quality paste, waxing in dry weather will dry the wax  before it protects your car. For upholstery, it is recommended to cover the interior with only  UV protection products to prevent cracking and fading. Also, for the exterior, apply a paint sealer or wax and check the details of all  exterior windows for a safe and fast ride in the rainy season. 


To avoid the fatal effects of winter, it is advisable to check the car details before the fall or winter season begins to protect the car from  early frost. In most cases, winter is associated with salty conditions and can provide  deal conditions for rusting, damage to the clear coat and deterioration of the car’s mechanics.

Autumn temperatures are fairly mild, so drivers can take advantage of this condition to strengthen their vehicles and add protective layers. By the time winter is hitting on the ground, we shall have installed a proper protection system to your car. 

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