People frequently mix up a car detailing and car washing. While there is a significant difference between detailing and washing your vehicle, the importance of auto detailing cannot be overstated. A car is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. Keeping your car clean on the inside and outside is an essential part of preventive maintenance. Some people believe that going to a car wash once a week is the same as having it professionally cleaned. That is not entirely correct.

Car washes will provide you with mechanized brushes, clothes detergent, and water hitting your car’s paint with force. If employees are present to dry your vehicle after it has been washed, you may mistake this for professional detailing. Some of these washes also vacuum the inside of the vehicle. Though this wash down may result in a relatively clean car at a low cost, it is not detailing.

Even with the extras, the car wash process needs to provide a thorough cleaning. Such cleaning can also harm your car’s paint job. If the clothes, brushes, and towels used in the drying process are dirty or contaminated by other parts of the vehicle and then used on the paint, they can cause damage.

Your car is hand-washed when it is washed by a qualified detailing company. Every part of the car is meticulously cleaned. The wheels, tires, and paint job were all hand-washed. The high-quality towels are never in contact with any other vehicle part. A professional detailer will coat the vehicle. This will both protect and enhance the paint on your car. The nano ceramic products shield the paint from UV damage and keep foreign objects from adhering to it. Wax services are available at car washes but differ from those available at detail shops. The wax is frequently sprayed on and then rinsed away. There is no attention to detail, and the entire process needs to be revised.

A dirty cabin looks terrible and smells bad, which can contribute to or cause operational issues. The car’s interior is professionally detailed with the same care as the exterior. Getting into the cracks and crevices with the proper tools will take some time. Plastic, leather, and other hard surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned. Only a professional would know that certain characters, such as expensive touch screens, could be damaged by using the wrong products.

Having your car professionally detailed will make a noticeable difference. You’ll notice that they spent extra time in the critical areas and were careful not to cause any damage. What is the advantage? For many years, your car will look and smell like new.

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