We consider your vehicle to be an extension of your home. The time you spend inside your vehicle commuting to various locations grows exponentially. Do you enjoy returning home to a clean house? What about getting into a car clean and driving it around? What are your thoughts?

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Car Clean?

We spend a lot of time and money cleaning up mold, dust, and dirt on the outside of our cars. What we overlook is the impact of vehicle cleanliness on our health, the environment, and our bank accounts!

Garbage, expired food and mysterious stains are all significant sources of bacterial diseases inside your vehicle. Even a mildly cluttered car interior necessitates immediate action.

car cleaning

 Here are a few reasons why interior car cleaning is just as important.

Health Concerns: You enter a closed environment when you get into your car. All common touchpoints, such as the steering wheel, gear shift, window button, door handles, and your screen, can harbour hidden bacteria. Frequent interior cleaning can help keep allergies and other health issues at bay by preventing low air quality, which is especially important during Covid-19.

Excessive Wear and Tear Prevention: When you fail to clean your vehicle’s interior, the surfaces may suffer from excessive wear and tear. Any interior surface can be worn away by dirt, dust, and spilled particles. Our best advice for extending the life of your vehicle is to clean it not only on the outside but also on the inside. Boost Mobile Detailing provides both interior and exterior detailing services.

Keeping Your Vehicle’s View:  If you intend to sell or trade your vehicle in the future, you will always seek the best possible price. A deep cleaning before selling will be costly because minor damages and repairs may be required. Regular car cleaning is essential for preventing rust and scratches, dull paint, and other issues that detract from the appearance of your vehicle. You will preserve the value of your vehicle by detailing it, and a car in good cosmetic condition will be more appealing to our buyers.

Now that you have enough reasons to act, you should leave your car in the best hands, which you can trust Boost Mobile Detailing. You can also do it yourself. There are numerous effective methods for cleaning the interior of your vehicle. Here are a few things you can do at home to restore the fresh smell and gleaming interior.

How to Clean a Car Correctly

The first step in caring for your car’s interior is to set aside some time. In a hurry, no job can be done correctly. Then you must commit to a list of tasks to have an interior free of any virus, allergen, bacteria, or odour.

Say Goodbye to Trash and Clutter

Put on your gloves and get some trash bags ready. Remove anything that is obviously superfluous. Let go of items that you believe may come in handy in your car one day but are a source of germ attraction.

Now comes the tricky part. Look under and between the seats, under the mats, and anywhere else you wouldn’t usually look for trash!

Before vacuuming, it only makes sense to begin dusting from higher cases inside your car. Bring a microfiber towel and a cleaning spray with you. You should use two towels: one for wiping away dust and the other for drying damp. Ensure that all dirt has been removed from the surfaces.

To avoid spreading old dust to new areas, change your towels. Pay close attention to areas where dirt tends to collect. Special brushes can be used to remove dust from the steering wheel, gauge cluster, gear shift, and other tight spaces.

Interior Surfaces Require Special Care

From the inside, take care of your windshield. Wipe the dust off the glass with a microfiber towel soaked in glass cleaner. Some people prefer to match their car’s gleaming exterior with a gleaming interior finish. If you are one of those people, make sure you have an influential and well-known brand of wax to use after you have finished washing and cleaning the surfaces.

Cleaning with a Vacuum: Before vacuuming, remove any garbage or unnecessary items from your vehicle. You should also remove the floor mats and clean them outside your vehicle. This allows you to vacuum under the floor mats inside the car and vacuum the carpets out of the car in a better light.

Dos and Don’ts of Professional Car Interior Cleaning

More mold, salt, and mud in the car due to cold weather and snowy winters. If you don’t take your car out very often, it’s best if you spend more time cleaning the inside of it. A Boost Mobile Detailing can quickly become disgusting if your car has a foul odour. Food, vomit, urine, mould, or even your dog can all contribute to a bad smell in your vehicle. Numerous products are available to assist you in dealing with the unpleasant odour inside your car. Just make sure the air freshener does not have an overpowering smell.

Acting quickly is the best way to deal with spills on your upholstery. In case of an accident, keep a clean cloth or paper towels in your glove compartment. Boost Mobile Detailing can assist you in keeping your car clean both inside and out. We are only a phone call away from helping you in driving a gleaming vehicle. 

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