Contrary to popular belief, cars in Vancouver still require UV (ultraviolet) light protection. Excessive sun exposure harms the inside and outside of a vehicle, just as it does our skin, wearing it down until it appears old and worn. Although Vancouver generally has mild summers, this does not mean that a car left in the sun for an extended period will not be damaged.

Expect some damage to the upholstery and plastic components if the cabin temperature reaches 35 degrees (which is not unreasonable if you leave your car outside in the sun).

If you’re undecided about protecting your car, this article should help you decide. UV radiation harms your vehicle in the following ways:

The dashboard is usually the first to go.

The dashboard doesn’t need to be exposed to the scorching summer sun before it begins to deteriorate. The dashboard’s colour will fade quickly if you leave your car in an open parking space while at work.

The warm temperature and sunlight, combined with the lack of air circulation, take their toll on the dashboard. Fading is the least of your worries because most components will eventually fail. Fixing a badly deteriorated dashboard is expensive; if you don’t fix it, you’ll be staring at that horrible sight every time you drive for the rest of your life.

UV radiation damage on the dashboard typically manifests by cracks and splits in the corners. If you don’t see any of these signs, you can still protect it from further damage by installing UV protection.

UV Radiation Damages Upholstery

You’ve spent a lot of money on beautiful leather upholstery, and it would be a shame to see it dry out and crack after only a few years. 

Unfortunately, the trapped heat inside your car dries out the natural oil in leather. Leather loses its lustre over time, causing it to crack and stiffen.

Meanwhile, fabric upholstery deteriorates faster without UV protection and looks just as bad as leather when exposed to direct sunlight and extreme heat. When you spill food or liquid on fabric upholstery and allow it to dry in the sun, the stains become permanent. Install UV protection on your vehicle to avoid this mess.

Overheating Damages Rubber weatherstripping of the car

UV rays can harm your car in ways other than only the interior. The rubber trim surrounding the doors can become damaged when the vehicle is left in a hot environment for a long time. Although you might not see it, the rubber stripping is essential in maintaining the interior’s comfort and livability. Dirt, dust, wetness, and stink from the outside enter the cabin without it.

The rubber substance rots when overexposed to the sun. There are other times when the meaning becomes fragile and crumbles.

The Paint on Your Car May Degrade Under UV Light

Your car’s paint, clear coat, and other materials contain molecules that begin to break down with time, making them less reflecting or colour-transmitting than what our eyes perceive. The dulling impact that UV light has on automobile paintwork, plastic trims, headlights, automotive glass, tyres, and wheels are referred to as this.

How to safeguard the interior of your car

Window tinting is accomplished by attaching a thin film to the surface of the inside of the window. We advise using a coloured film called Llumar air 80 and an almost-clear film like Rayno Nano Carbon Ceramic. Even while it won’t be evident to the untrained eye, using the lightest shade of film can significantly preserve your automobile’s interior.

How to safeguard the outside of your car

You can shield your car from UV rays using a variety of materials. A ceramic finish is the best for painting. This is made to fill in the tiniest valleys and flaws in clear coats by forming a molecular link with the surface to provide the best protection.

The coating is applied to each panel by spreading it from left to right, then from top to bottom. After finishing the part, wait a short while to let the coating flash or first cure before rubbing it off with a fresh microfiber towel. The outcome? The exterior of your car will be more excellent than the day you got it.


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